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What is The Lockstraw?

Or This?


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  • Allows The Cleaner Or Lubricant To Spray Directly On The Wafers
  • More Efficient Than Traditional Spray Straws
  • Metal Tip For Long Life And Easy Insertion And Retraction
  • ​Works With CRC Contact Cleaner, Tri-Flow, Houdini and More
  • Made In The USA!

The LockStraw is a bi-directional spray straw that applies cleaner and lubricant directly to the wafers of a lock. Standard spray straws are directed at the back of the lock, which is an inefficient method for delivering cleaner or lubricant. The LockStraw eliminates waste and directs the cleaner or lubricant where it is needed most. On the wafers and wafer chambers.

When removing a plastic straw from a door lock, the lock shutters can gouge into the plastic straw. This makes extraction of the straw more difficult and may leave plastic shards in the lock. The smooth finish on the brass-tipped LockStraw reduces friction, making the removal process much easier.

I would like to thank Jay Barker for field testing The LockStraw and giving me valuable feedback on product improvements.

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